High Heels for Loba – Angel Dog Diary


Loba is intrigued that lots of females on Earth are wearing shoes with high heels. It seems like some of the most respected females wear the highest heels!

“I wonder what it is for?” she said, “could it be an equalizer to the male dogs? Maybe it helps you run faster and jump higher?”

I have no idea why some females wear high heels. Zorro and I suggested Loba gets a pair, or two pairs, and try for herself. Loba got a red pair and a black pair as she thought they were the most popular colors on Earth.

After a few days she told Zorro the shoes were useless for walking or doing anything. Worse, they were painful and dangerous to wear. She concluded their purpose possibly was to stamp on dangerous snakes. She was throwing hers away.

“Who on Earth would voluntarily wear these crippling objects of torture?”



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